Hello! I am Gyeong-Won Kim, representative of BULE SAFETECH CO., LTD

Our company has been manufacturing and selling carbonized cloth and felt since its foundation in 1986.

We have been supplying localized carbonized cloth and felt to industrial fields including domestic large shipbuilding, construction, and iron manufacturing and used them as noncombustible materials for welding and fire prevention.

Today, the demands as noncombustible materials for fire prevention in industrial fields are increasing daily and this company has made efforts to continue to supply by developing new materials and improving quality accordingly.

We promise that our all employees will do the best to develop and produce new materials with price competitiveness.

Thank you.

Kim Kyoung won / president
Buil Safetech co., Ltd.
Quality Assurance Policy
We will take limitless responsibility for quality for the safety of customers.
Quality Assurance Policy
ZERO customer complaint with Quality Assurance (QA)
Competitive advantage in quality with development of new materials through R&D
Product differentiation with patent and utility model registration