1986.02.01     Established company (manufacture of industrial safety equipments and equipment)
1997.11.01     Winner of New Technology Development Competition sponsored by Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency
1998.01.05     Various salt, fireproof fabrics and felt
1999.03.01     Designated as an industry-academy cooperation company by Pukyong National University
2000.12.02     Certified company of KS A 9002 / ISO 9002 quality system
2000.03.05     Acquired 8 kinds of warming sheets other than carbonized fiber for utility model KSF welding and blowing test
2001.07.02     Obtained CE Safety Certification (EN384: 1992)
2001.10.01     Became corporation in Boil Safe Tech
2002.06.22     Designated as a promising small and medium-sized export company (No. 2002-013)
2002.07.25     CLEAN business site selected (Ministry of Labor)
2003.10.14     Award of Excellent Small and Medium Business (Busan, Ulsan Small & Medium Business Administration)
2007.06.19     Designated as an excellent venture enterprise (No. 20070201168)
2007.09.19     Registered patent for Stripper for non-combustible laminated sheet and high voltage cable
2008.09.16     Registered design and design for non-burnable sheet for welding and welding
2010.02.11     Registered patent for nonflammable insulation panel
2012.03.05     Tax payers ' tax invoice name